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Call for an Emergency Response to the Opioid Overdose Crisis in Ontario, Canadian Harm Reduction Network

Deadline August 27, 2017

As you know, we are in the midst of a drug overdose crisis in Ontario.

Data from 2016 (the most up-to-date available) suggests that across our province at least two people are dying each day as a result of accidental drug overdoses. We know “on the ground” that the current number is much higher.

The Ontario provincial government has been slow and ineffectual in its response to this rising number of preventable deaths, and people who use drugs, along with their allies, have been left to respond to these overdoses largely alone, without sufficient funding or support.

As harm reduction workers, healthcare providers, and public health specialists, we are calling on the Provincial Government, as represented by Premier Kathleen Wynne, to immediately declare this a public health emergency, before more lives are needlessly lost.

Please take a moment to read this letter. If you agree, please add your voice in support of immediate action by signing it and by sharing it with your colleagues across the province:

The letter, with a list of all signatories, will be released publicly at a press conference next week, at a location to be announced.

We will be collecting signatures until noon on Sunday August 27th.

Thank you,

Walter Cavalieri
Canadian Harm Reduction Network