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Outcome Mapping: Advancing Initiatives for Better Health & Wellbeing, Outcome Mapping Learning Community

Toronto, Ontario
November 13-15, 2017

A workshop exploring approaches to Community Engaged Design & Evaluation

Outcome Mapping is an approach used in planning programmes, partnerships and initiatives as well as in measuring results of social, individual and organizational change. It is a learning-oriented method and toolset to advance sustainable community-driven solutions in unpredictable, complex multi-stakeholder settings.  

Outcome Mapping: Advancing Initiatives for Better Health & Wellbeing is a  workshop intended for community-centred health practitioners, public health planners and promoters, program managers and directors, evaluation professionals and those interested in organizational learning. The workshop is designed for people who are brand new to Outcome Mapping (OM) as well as those who wish to refine and dig deeper into their OM knowledge and skills.  

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