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Generating and interpreting environmental monitoring data, CIPHI Ontario Seminar Series

September 13, 2017

12:00 to 01:00 p.m.

Presented by: Sunil Varughese and James Johnson (Public Health Ontario)

Risk assessment is an important process to use when addressing questions about human health risks from environmental hazards. Understanding potential exposures is an important part of the risk assessment process. In some cases, this exposure assessment may include generating and interpreting environmental monitoring data. The Environmental and Occupational Health team at Public Health Ontario provides advice on risk assessment and can lend exposure monitoring equipment to health units. This discussion will provide a description of Environmental and Occupational Health’s equipment loan program and its application through actual case studies. Attendees will become familiarized with exposure equipment and when their application may be of benefit to a risk assessment.

Please refer to Public Health Ontario’s website for additional information at: