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New Report--2016-17 Sheela Basrur Centre: A Year in Review

The public health landscape continues to change. We cannot predict the next public health crisis or threat to the wellbeing of our population and our communities. However, the sector can prepare by honing the skills demonstrated by our great public health leaders. These qualities of leadership, integrity, openness and collaboration so integral to Dr. Basrur and Dr. Donald Low remain needed and are relevant today during times of crisis.

Sheela Basrur Centre (SBC) programs anticipate and respond to the evolving needs of the sector. Our training programs prepare current and future public health professionals to tackle today’s issues, supporting their leadership in protecting and promoting the health of Ontarians.

We are pleased to highlight our programs and successes in our 2016-2017 Sheela Basrur Centre newsletter. Learn more about the many initiatives underway to realize our vision: Strong voices for public health. Leaders for change.

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