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New Resource—Refreshed Managing Asthma in Our Schools Video and Video Viewer Guide, Ophea

Help Create an Asthma Friendly School Community

5 out of 20 kids have asthma in Ontario. Help create an asthma-friendly school community and support the implementation of Ryan’s Law, 2015 (Ensuring Asthma Friendly Schools) with free bilingual Ophea resources:

  • Refreshed Managing Asthma in Our Schools Video and new accompanying Video Viewer Guide (developed by the Lung Association in partnership with Ophea)
  • Creating Asthma Friendly Schools Essentials Kit (principals and educators)
  • Creating Asthma Friendly Schools Community Awareness Kit (educators, parents, and students)
  • Creating Asthma Friendly Child Care Centres Kit
  • After-School, Sport and Recreation Settings Asthma Kit

Learn more and download the Asthma resources at