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Call for Input--Compiling an Inventory of Current Practices in the Area of Sport for Development; Federal-Provincial/Territorial Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Committee

Deadline November 20, 2017

Sue Cragg Consultants is conducting a brief environmental scan to provide an overview of current policy, programming and practices to inform future activities in the area of Sport for Development in the context of the Canadian Sport Policy. For this purpose, sport is defined in broad terms to include unorganized and non-competitive forms of recreational sport activities. Sport for Development, specifically, uses sport as a vehicle for economic development and social change, including issues related to humanitarian, cultural, ethical and peace-building causes.  

This project is supported by the Federal-Provincial/Territorial Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Committee. The final product will be a knowledge synthesis report that will be posted at This report will provide information on best and promising practices in Sport for Development as well as inform indicator development to evaluate programming. In addition to conducting a literature search for peer-reviewed literature in databases related to Sport for Development, we are also seeking practitioner and academic input.

The survey ( will be open until November 20, 2017 and takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.