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1000 Issues of OHPE!

I A note from Alison Stirling, OHPE founder
II A note from Larry Hershfield
III A note from Noelle Gadon and Robyn Kalda

I A note from Alison Stirling, OHPE founder:
One thousand issues - telling the stories of health promotion!

1000th issue – the number made me think of the 1000 nights of Arabian Nights stories told by Scheherazade to the Sultan. In the classic tale Scheherazade doesn’t finish the story in one night, keeping the Sultan eager to hear more. The OHPE Bulletin has told health promotion stories over 1000 weeks, and may it live a long life.

We said in the first issue in May 1997 that the weekly electronic Ontario Health Promotion E-Mail List/Bulletin should provide a valuable, select information exchange, and that readers define its value, content and reach. Looking back in our 500th issue the OHPE bulletin continues to reflect the ways that people are using online media to receive information, and “to create, synthesize, contribute to, and reshape content”. Ten years later, you the readers are the content creators, you make it, we curate it, and share the stories.

I am using “we” very generally, as I haven’t been part of the OHPE editorial team for years. Yet the OHPE Bulletin connects me to my community, network and source of news in health promotion. I’m thankful that OHPE Bulletin has survived uncertain times with the help of dedicated staff, volunteers, editors, and contributors.

II A note from Larry Hershfield:
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Most commonly, this 1849 epigram is intended as a lament against lack of progress, but I want to use it as a frame to celebrate the 1000th issue of OHPE. Clearly, there have been massive changes in « societal things » in the decades since it was launched. Take health communication for example – when OHPE launched, social media and social networks barely earned a mention. Yet, OHPE remains. It remains widely subscribed and the leading source of health promotion events, job postings, and informative features. The guiding values, conceptual framework, content schema, host, core technology, and even some of the key players have stayed the same. So let me join in celebrating OHPE, those who read it and those who produce it. Onward!

III A note from Noelle Gadon, OHPE editor, and Robyn Kalda, OHPE coordinator

OHPE has involved so many people over its existence -- people who thought up the idea, people who gave those first people time and technology so they could run with the idea, people who have worked on the tech end, people who've worked to convince other people to write feature articles, people who've tried to prise money out of odd corners to pay for tech upgrades, people who've written feature articles, people who've sent events/announcements/jobs, people who've sent letters to the editor, people who've send kind notes, and of course the 7800+ people who receive the newsletter each week. You have made OHPE what it is. Thank you all.