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Implementing Trauma-Informed Care in Organizations Serving High-Risk Populations, SafeGuards Training

Ottawa, Ontario
November 23, 2017

In this workshop, part of a series with ISSTD Fellow and author, Niki Gomez-Perales, addresses treatment interventions for children and adolescents with complex needs – specifically those who present with “complex trauma disorders” or “developmental trauma disorders.” These clients have experienced a combination of early, multiple and chronic traumas and disrupted attachment. Many have experienced pre-verbal trauma. A large number of these children experience dissociative symptoms; some of them have identifiable dissociative disorders.
This workshop will address the larger public health, community development and social service impacts of unrecognized complex trauma. Participants will explore the specific challenges raised by complex trauma, attachment and dissociation, in the intersection between clients and service providers in order to create the experience of help and support that we intend.
Who Should Attend: This workshop will be of interest to helping professionals in a wide range of roles from residential and shelter programs, front line service and clinical treatment. It would be appropriate for any and all helping professionals who provide services to a population which includes traumatized children, adults or families.

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