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New Resource--Sharing Together Report in Short, EENet

Find out what Ontario’s evidence needs are for the mental health, substance use and additions system.

Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) is excited to release the Sharing Together: Report in Short. Developing an evidence priority agenda for Ontario’s mental health, substance use, and addictions system.

Sharing Together is an EENet initiative that aims to promote the use of evidence to improve the healthcare experience, quality of care, and overall health and wellbeing of all Ontarians.

Thank you to the 550 participants from diverse stakeholder groups and sectors who came together to share their perspectives and prioritize their evidence needs, helping to co-create this evidence priority agenda!

This Report in Short provides a brief overview of the evidence needs related to 10 themes selected by stakeholders through Sharing Together.

For more information, to access the report and sign up for a webinar taking place on January 24th, 2018, visit the links below.