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Chairperson, Health Promotion Canada

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Health Promotion Canada is seeking a Chairperson

Health Promotion Canada is seeking a Chairperson to Lead the National Executive (Volunteer Position).

The duties that the Chairperson shall perform:

  • Coordinate all meetings of the Executive Committee, including developing, approving and distributing the agenda
  • Chair meeting items, ensure (in absence of a Secretary) a minute taker is designated, and distribute meeting minutes and other related reports
  • Provide reasonable notice of meetings with opportunity to participate
  • Prepare annual workplan and budget
  • Oversee hiring and supervision of contracted personnel
  • Guide the Executive Committee in addressing issues and concerns as they arise
  • Liaise with the Lead/Chair of all Health Promotion Canada’s Chapters/Networks and well as the Leads for the National Working Groups
  • Ensure the Health Promotion Canada website is maintained through collaboration with Webmasters and Membership Coordinators.

Please join us on a teleconference to ask your questions and to hear more about the position on:

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - 3:00pm (EST)
Teleconference Phone Number:
Toll Free Canada: (844) 511-2074
Participant Access: 573-576-712

Feel free to contact us at