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Highlighting Injury Prevention in Ontario: It’s Worth the Investment

Submitted by the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre (OIPRC). The OIPRC is a health promotion resource centre funded by the Ontario Government. The OIPRC is housed at Parachute, a national charity dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives. Learn more at


We know that injuries are the leading cause of death for people within the ages of 1 to 44. We also know that these injuries can be prevented. Understanding how, when, and where injuries occur allows us to effectively challenge the notion that they occur by chance, emphasizing that injuries are predictable, controllable, and preventable events.

The next step in prevention is using evidence to design and deliver programs, resources and approaches that are able to effectively address injury prevention in communities. To help injury prevention practitioners and other interested parties do this, the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre (OIPRC) and its partners have developed and released Highlighting Injury Prevention in Ontario: It’s Worth the Investment – an accessible and adaptable document for injury prevention practitioners and advocates.

Highlighting Injury Prevention in Ontario offers information and tools for injury prevention practitioners to raise the profile of injury prevention in Ontario and Canada. It provides a basis for public health and injury prevention practitioners in Ontario to guide their approach when interacting with decision-makers to make a case for support.

This collaborative project came out of a need for consistent messaging in the province, as well as the need to involve relevant stakeholders in order to implement effective injury prevention initiatives.

Several areas were identified where it was thought that injury prevention practitioners could benefit from more comprehensive and available information to guide their prevention efforts. These included:

  • The need for a unified source in language, data and approach to Injury Prevention in the province.
  • The need to have a standard document that could help start conversations with funders and government, and serve as a basis for advocacy efforts.
  • The need to have an brief overview of the landscape of Injury Prevention in Ontario that could help newcomers to the field.
  • The need to demonstrate with facts that Injury Prevention works and the effect it has.
  • The need to show examples of successful initiatives dedicated to Injury Prevention in the Province.

The document is unique in that is customizable and adaptable for local use. While it offers examples of leading case studies in injury prevention, it allows room for the inclusion of regional or local data, local case stories, as well as other specific needs depending on the intended audience.

In developing this document, its authors hope that injury prevention priorities can be championed and built upon throughout the province. It is hoped that it will be used as a tool to guide work and place injury prevention on the agenda in local areas, a means to focus on the highest burdens of injury, and an enabler in finding connections and synergies within and across sectors.

Above all, Highlighting Injury Prevention in Ontario: It’s Worth the Investment, emphasizes that it is time to work together to implement evidence-informed practices that prevent injuries so that we can live long lives to the fullest.

Highlighting Injury Prevention in Ontario: It’s Worth the Investment, can be accessed on the OIPRC website at