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2017 OHPE Subscriber Survey Highlights and a (Temporary?) Farewell

This edition of OHPE is, we regret, the last, though hopefully not forever. We must take a hiatus as we are currently unfunded. The website will remain as an archive.

If you’d like to partner with Health Nexus so that OHPE can resume publication, or if you would like to fund OHPE, please contact

A huge thank you to all our 7800+ readers for your interest over the past twenty years (and more than a thousand issues)! 

Below are a few highlights from our subscriber survey last summer.  A total of 927 subscribers each took a few minutes to answer our survey last summer. Thank you!

Is OHPE useful?

We intend for OHPE to be useful to health promoters, so we investigated a few dimensions of potential usefulness. Overall, subscribers agreed that OHPE is a good tool for information and awareness.


Agree or Strongly Agree

Provided me with better awareness of current issues/situations in health promotion


Provided me with useful information for my work (e.g., ideas, tools, techniques, resources, events)


Increased my connections with or awareness of other organizations/service providers



As ever, OHPE subscribers come from a wide range of sectors related to health promotion:

Public Health


Health, Nutrition, Recreation




Education (school, college, university)




Community Health Centre


Private Sector


General Public


First Nations, Métis, Inuit


Child and/or Youth Group




Geographic Regions

OHPE’s readers work primarily (85%) in Ontario, with 12% working nationally or elsewhere in Canada and 3% working internationally. Our international subscribers work all over – Aruba, Japan, the USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, “primarily countries in Africa,” and more.

Do you read OHPE on a mobile device?

One of the biggest changes since our 2012 survey was the number of people who read (or attempt to read) OHPE on a mobile device: in 2012, 25% said they did; in 2017, it was a little over 47%.

Our 2017 redesign was intended to be more mobile-friendly so we were pleased that all our survey respondents now found OHPE at least “somewhat user-friendly” and some 31% now find it “very user-friendly.”

Until We Meet Again

We send a heartfelt, big thank you to all our readers and contributors. You have made OHPE what it is and we will miss you.

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