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12th Cochrane Colloquium

Curious as to how The Cochrane Collaboration can improve health care in Canada? Be sure to join us for the 12th Cochrane Colloquium, the annual conference of The Cochrane Collaboration

(, an organization that is dedicated to making up-to-date, accurate information about the effectiveness and safety of healthcare treatments readily available worldwide.

The Colloquium's theme is "Bridging the Gaps". Through plenary sessions, oral presentations, posters, and workshops, we will address the gaps that exist between The Cochrane Collaboration and clinical practice, between high-income and low-income economies, between methodologists and reviewers, and between producers and users of Cochrane reviews.

We are now accepting abstracts for oral presentations, posters and workshops.

To find out more about the Colloquium, submit an abstract or register online, please visit the Colloquium web site at