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An Unintended Journey: From Child Welfare to the Youth Justice System, The Annual Meeting of the Sparrow Lake Alliance

Bayview Wildwood Resorts

This year's featured speakers include

* Dr. Clive Chamberlain, Senior Staff Psychiatrist, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, "The Adolescent: From Culture Hero to Garbage"

* John Rabeau, Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Correctional Services, "Reflections on Youth in Conflict with the Law"

* Dr. Dick Meen, Clinical Director, Kinark Child & Family Centre, "What You See is Not What You Get--Observations & Experiences with 'Crossover Kids' "

* Wilton Littlechild, LL.B., Aboriginal Leader, Alberta, "The Experience of Aboriginal Children & Youth with the Justice System"

* Sandra Lang, Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services, "The Status of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services"

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