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The Art and Science of Traditional Medicines: An International Conference to Explore Medical Practices from Cultures around the Globe

The three-day program will include presentations on various traditional medicines in their cultural contexts, demonstrations, workshops, and invited scientific papers. There will be active participation by traditional medicine practitioners from many of the multicultural communities in Canada and beyond. Accreditation is being applied for.

The main purpose of the conference is to introduce the art and science of traditional medicines to Canadian health care professionals and interested members of the public. Appreciation of the wisdom and artistry of traditional medicine will be balanced by scientific inquiries into their practices and medical efficacy.

Fees & Registration

* May 7, pre-conference intensives, half day $50, full day $100

* opening night only, $25 general admission, $10 students and speakers

* May 8 and May 9, full conference (including opening night) general admission $175, students and speakers $75

For more information or to register online visit