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Biodiversity for Food Security--Toronto Food Policy Council World Food Day

Toronto City Hall, Rotunda

The Toronto Food Policy Council (TFPC) would like to invite you to participate in this year's World Food Day event. The theme for World Food Day 2004 is "Biodiversity for Food Security".

The goal is to make this event interactive and dramatic so that we can raise awareness to some of the food security issues that the City of Toronto faces and the importance of biodiversity in improving these issues. We hope to have approximately 8 displays to depict biodiversity. Space is limited so we are encouraging agencies to work together to create a display. The Toronto Food Policy Council has set aside $2,000.00 to assist community agencies/groups with their display. It is expected this money will fund components of displays that have longevity.

To participate, please complete and return a participation form by August 31. For further information, please contact Sarah Vogelzang at (416)338-7517 or Alyssa Rolnick at (416)338-8676.