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Evidence Based Health Policy: An Oxymoron? (Health Law and Policy Seminar Series)

The Solarium, Falconer Hall, 84 Queen's Park 12:15 - 2:00 p.m.

The Faculty of Law, University of Toronto Together with the Department of Health Administration presents Vivek Goel, Associate Professor & Chair, Department of Health Administration

Evidence based approaches to health care decision making, which originated in clinical medicine, particularly the traditions of internal

medicine and clinical epidemiology, are assuming increasing significance as the concept disseminates through the broader health care field. Several recent reports, such as that of the National Forum on Health Care, and the Advisory Council on the Health Infostructure, have advocated for a move towards a 'culture' of evidence-based decision-making in health care. These groups have called for

evidence-based decision-making at all levels of the health system, from the individual and clinical level, to the population and policy level.

The concepts and motivation behind evidence-based medicine will be reviewed and their applicability in other contexts and at other levels

of decision-making will be assessed. The traditional paradigm of evidence-based medicine is primarily based on study design and

methodology, and is not easily applied in other domains. We propose a more inclusive model to define the scope of evidence that would enable consideration of broader categories of evidence in health decision-making.

Refreshments will be served