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Interactive Open Space Training: A New Learning Initiative,

[This announcement has been edited for length. For more information see].

IF ONLY... Let's face it, most organizations are not performing to their potential. They haven't found the methods that trigger individual responsibility. Innovation is hampered by top-heavy command & control structures that inhibit rapid and unique responses on the ground.

Open Space can change all that. It provides a process to create space for change, with real practical approaches for encouraging synergy among people. The net result is an organization that is nimble, responsive and far more effective. And the bottom line is a better bottom line for everybody.

Phase I: Introduction to Open Space Facilitation, February 21-23, 2001

Phase II: Open Space and Organizational Transformation, February 28 and March 1, 2001

Phase III: Leadership without Command and Control, March 2-3, 2001 Toronto

The program includes a website specifically designed for those on this learning journey to interact with each other and the worldwide

leadership for the training, Each phase is grounded in a series of required reading materials allowing the fullest possible integration for participants.

* Since the workshops will be held each year for the next three years in this area, it need not be taken all in one year.

* Basic Fee for the whole program: $2500 CDN (Corporate & Large Government), $2000 CDN (Other) (You need not take all of the workshops in one year.)

* Orientation $1250 CDN (Corporate & Large Government), $1000 CDN (Other)

* Parts II, III $850 CDN each (Corporate & Large Government), $600 CDN each (Other)

* Only Parts II & III for those not needing orientation: $1500 CDN (Corporate & Large Government), $1000 CDN (Other)

* Registration is required three weeks prior to each workshop. GST applies where appropriate

* Location to be announced

For more information and to register contact

Larry Peterson, (416) 653.4829, or in Ottawa Diane Gibeault, (613) 744.2638,