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Women, Homelessness and Secure Tenure: Setting an Agenda

March 09, 2001 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

In celebration of International Women's Week (IWW), The Centre for Equality Rights, The National Association of Women and the Law, The Community-Based Research Network of Ottawa (CBRNO) and Centre for Research on Community Services, University of Ottawa is pleased to announce a one day forum "Women, Homelessness and Secure Tenure: Setting an Agenda."

Forum Objectives

The reality driving this workshop is the rapidly increasing number of women experiencing homelessness, eviction, the threat of eviction, or other threats to security of tenure. Unfortunately, because women, particularly women with children, cannot, as a rule, live on the

streets, their homelessness is less visible and all too often ignored. The objective of the workshop is to increase understanding of and

develop appropriate strategies for improving security of tenure for women.

At the end of this workshop participants:

*will have deepened their understanding of what secure tenure means, or would mean, for women;

*will have a better understanding of who is working to address issues of tenure for women in Ontario and Canada, and what specific dimensions of the issue are, and are not, being addressed;

*will have outlined the basic elements of a research and action agenda for the coming two to three years which will address the need for secure tenure for women.

Fees: Regular - $150. Academic/Community Agency - $100. Student/Unwaged/Low Income - $50.

For the full forum information (including the program and speaker list) visit