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March Health Events

For the Month of March

* Asthma Month (National). Canadian Lung Association

* Easter Seals Month (Ontario). Easter Seals Society

* Epilepsy Month (National). Epilepsy Canada

* Help Fight Liver Disease Month (National). Canadian Liver Foundation

* Kidney Month (National). Kidney Foundation of Canada

* Learning Disabilities Awareness Month (National). Learning Disabilities Association of Canada

* Nutrition Month (National). Theme: Nutrition Myths and Fallacies. Dietitians of Canada

* Red Cross Month (National). Canadian Red Cross Society


* 4 -10, Women's Week (International). Status of Women Canada

* 5-11, Pharmacy Awareness Week (National). Canadian Pharmacists Association

* 5-11, Social Work Week (National, dates vary by province or territory). Ontario Association of Social Workers

* 12-18, Brain Awareness Week (International). Dana Alliance

* 14-21, Agriculture Safety Week (National). Farm Safety Association

* 25-31, Endometriosis Awareness Week


* 8, Woman's Day, United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace (International). United Nations

* 22,Water Day (International). United Nations

* 22, Elimination of Racial Discrimination (International). Canadian Heritage

* 24, Tuberculosis Day (International). Canadian Lung Association Canadian Society for International Health

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