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Second International Symposium on the Effectiveness of Health Promotion

Auditorium, Koffler Institute for Pharmacy Management, University of Toronto

Presented by the Centre for Health Promotion, University of Toronto, IUHPE/NARO Satellite Office with the generous support of the Centers for Disease Control, USA Centre for Health Promotion, U of T Department of Public Health Sciences, U of T Health Canada Health Development Agency, UK Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, Toronto Public Health

Program Overview

Day One: "What do we know about the effectiveness of health promotion?"

Day Two: "How do practitioners and policymakers use information on the effectiveness of health promotion?"

Day Three: "How do we improve the quality of evidence on the effectiveness of health promotion?" & "Where do we go from here?"

Just some of the notable presenters & panelists: Maria Teresa Cerqueira, Pan American Health Organization; Nick Doyle, Health Development Agency; Rick Edwards, Health Promotion Consultant; Jim Frankish, University of British Columbia; Vicki Friemuth, Centers for Disease Control; Sylvie Gendron, University of Montr