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Coming soon: Youth Summit on Physical Activity!!!

The Foundation for Active Healthy Kids is working with various partners, including The Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (OPHEA), to host Youth Summit 2001 with generous support from Health Canada, under the Canadian Diabetes Strategy.

Youth Summit 2001, "Physical Activity - Love it? Want it? Need it!", will provide

* a forum for youth from across the province to come together and openly discuss their thoughts, opinions and solutions on issues regarding physical activity participation, and healthy lifestyles.

* information to support the development of relevant physical activity programs for young Ontarians, which will in turn, allow them to reap the benefits associated with an active, healthy lifestyle.

Youth Summit 2001 will take place on Friday, June 1st, 2001 at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, and will be attended by 50 youth participants from across the province. The Summit will offer a fun, teen-friendly environment for the kids to share their thoughts and views on physical activity and other health issues. All expenses for attending the Summit will be covered and each participant will receive lots of cool gifts from our sponsors (i.e., Kellogg's, Nike, etc.).

Youth Summit 2001 is open to all Grade 9 Ontario students who are willing to share their thoughts, ideas, questions, and answers on physical activity and healthy lifestyles in general. It is important that the Summit participants are from an even mix of gender, ethnicity, activity level, and interests.

Please promote this opportunity to youth in your communities (including those who AREN'T active participants in sport or Phys. Ed.). Application forms are available on (under 'Youth Summit' on the drop-down menu). The deadline for applications is Monday, May 14, 2001.

Further details and the application to Youth Summit 2001 are available by contacting or by visiting