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Health Events in May and June: Bike Week and Safe Kids Week

i Bike Week 2001, Toronto, May 25 - June 3

Over 40 cycling events will highlight the City's cycling community, infrastructure and resources, opening up a world of cycling in Toronto. Look for group rides, breakfasts, lunches, contests, demonstrations, workshops and other inspired cycling activities. The City's proposed Bike Plan, which outlines methods to encourage and promote cycling through the year 2011, will be on display from May 29 to June 4 at Toronto City Hall. The plan focuses on bicycle-friendly streets, a bikeway network, safety and education, promotion, cycling and transit, and bicycle parking.

For more information about Bike Week events or for more Bike Plan details, call (416) 392-7592 or isit

ii Safe Kids Week 2001, National, May 28 to June 3

Safe Kids Week is a national campaign that raises awareness and educates the public about injury prevention. A different safety topic is chosen as the focus each year. This year, we're focusing on preventing scalds and burns. For Ontario events see html