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Achieving a Mentally Healthy Workplace Environment

Toronto Board of Trade

4th Floor, First Canadian Place, 77 Adelaide Street West

Sponsored by the Ontario Hospital Association

Health-care employees provide care and support to patients within hospitals and community agencies. Since these professionals manage and care for the mental-health needs of patients, these professionals need to be employed within organizations that provide mentally-healthy workplace environments. With increasing workloads and fears of job loss, many health-care providers are feeling stressed and demoralized, which may result in a physical or mental illness. Health-care providers who are sick themselves often feel an additional level of stigma attached to their illnesses, and this may lead to the avoidance of getting the help they need to improve their own health.

Hospitals and community agencies need to be able to identify and manage the causes of mental and stress-related illnesses to retain and attract health-care workers. In order to help hospitals and community agencies become mentally-healthy workplace environments, the OHA is hosting a one-day conference to discuss and explore these issues.

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