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Breaking Free From Your Funding Traps

Family Services Association

Are you trying to meet increasing needs with stagnant or diminishing resources? If you're like most non-profit leaders this is your biggest ongoing challenge. Long-established sources of funding dry up or funder requirements change, donor priorities shift, and competition grows. New approaches offer new hope--but also carry big risks. At times, you even find yourself wondering if your short-term solutions might actually be undermining your long-term success. Can an organization do more than just survive in such a climate? This workshop will help you answer "yes" to that question. You'll learn how every organization has unique funding traps. And, you'll learn how to escape them through

* assessing your current resources--what's working, what's not, and what's at risk

* identifying your unique resource "traps," and why you must break free

* discovering potential new strategies using the Total Resource Development (tm) model

* understanding how relationship building ensures resource development success

* assessing your capacity to develop a successful related business venture

* developing balanced strategies to maximize potential and minimize risk

Through brief presentations, discussion, and hands-on exercises, Peter will share proven practices and real-life stories that will show you how to find the resources you need from donors, funders, customers, and partners. You'll leave this workshop with a list of new ideas, and a collection of readings, forms, checklists, and other aids that you can use immediately to jumpstart the process of breaking free from your funding traps.

For more information and to register, visit our website at, or call Healthy Futures Group at (905) 569 8474. Workshop fee is $149 (plus GST.)