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Leadership I: Releasing the Leader Within

9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Hosted by Family Services Association of Toronto

Fee: $249 plus GST

Register by: May 24

Developing tomorrow's leaders is the number one human resource challenge facing today's organizations. And yet, most organizations lack a cohesive, proactive strategy for identifying and developing this critical capacity that will determine their future success -- perhaps even their future existence.

This workshop is one of three intensive workshops in Healthy Futures Group's Authentic Leadership series. This workshop focuses on the individual -- discovering leadership potential, identifying unique strengths and limitations, and creating practical plans for ongoing development. The goal of this intensive learning event is to produce healthy, smart, authentic leaders. The workshop is a very personal learning experience built around several powerful feedback tools, including a Readiness for Growth assessment and the award-winning 4D-I operating style profile. These tools provide practical insights into your unique pattern of strengths and limitations -- insights that you can use to shape your unique leadership role and to create a highly individualized leadership development plan.

For more information on this workshop and the rest of the Authentic Leadership series, and to download a registration form, visit the Healthy Futures website at