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FADE 2nd Annual Candlelight Vigil

2:00 p.m.

Metro Hall (outdoor square off King Street West), 55 John Street

Join FADE, Family and Friends Against Disordered for an afternoon of education about eating disorders and how they impact on individual sufferers, their families and the health care system. This event will honour, support, and celebrate with those who have been affected by an eating disorder. Medical leaders in the field of eating disorders from both the Toronto General Hospital and the Toronto Sick Children's Hospital will be sharing important information about this illness. Personal stories from those who have struggled or are struggling with eating disorders will provide health promotion practitioners with insights into the disease and a new perspective on the treatment options needed to effectively care for them. In addition, all levels of government will be present.

Additional information about FADE and the Vigil can be obtained be either e-mailing, calling (416)665-9722 or visiting their website at