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CLICK4HP health promotion email discussion listserv




(a) an electronic venue for discussing how the Internet can be used for

health promotion in Canada and around the globe;

(b) an electronic site for posting related health promotion information; and,

(c) a virtual workspace for health promoters to work together.

CLICK4HP "went public" as an electronic mailing list on May 1st, 1996, and continues to involve more than 700 people from around the world in active discussions on the field of health promotion.

For more information, see or send an email to the list-owners at

To Join CLICK4HP send e-mail to,

leave the subject line blank,

and in the body of the message write only -

subscribe click4hp your-name

(if you have a signature file suppress it or put the word end after the command)

the send it! You should receive a request for confirmation of your subscription, and then a welcome message, with instructions on how to manage your subscription (such as getting it in Digest form with all messages in a day coming in a single message). Keep the welcome message for future reference.