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A Report to the Canadian Minister of Health. Ministerial Council on Tobacco Control. Putting an End to Deception. September 2001.

From the website: "It is the conclusion of the Expert Panel, based on the best available science, that there is no convincing evidence of a meaningful health benefit to either individuals nor to the whole population resulting from cigarettes marketed as 'light' or 'mild'. Any false perception of health benefit may exacerbate the tobacco epidemic as it may delay quitting or increase initiation. The results of the deliberations of the International Expert Panel struck by the Ministerial Council and the resulting recommendations from the Council itself point toward a need for aggressive action to eliminate confusing descriptors such as "light" and "mild" on cigarette packaging."

Health Canada also has the Terms of Reference for the Ministerial Advisory Council on Tobacco Control at, and a letter from the Minister of Health for Canada to the Canadian tobacco industry from 2001 at