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Comings and Goings, Late June 2005

I Introduction

This week we have some comings and goings in the field of health promotion.

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II Judith Maxwell Steps Down

Dear Friends,

After more than 10 years as leader of CPRN, I will be stepping down from my management duties to become a part-time Research Fellow. The years at CPRN have been exciting, demanding and very rewarding. Even though the time has come for me to slow down, I will continue to contribute to CPRN in every way I can.

CPRN has thrived because of our diverse audience and its strong interest in public policy. Most of you are analysts and advisors on policy in both government and community organizations, and I want to thank all of you for your continuing interest, support and advice. You will be glad to know that your enthusiastic response to our e-network survey last year had a significant impact on the outcome of the recent independent evaluation of CPRN. It will be published by Social Development Canada soon.

Now you can help us again by encouraging excellent candidates to apply for the position of President. We are conducting a national search and will also be tracking down Canadians who are currently working abroad. The Position Profile and the Position Description are posted on our Web, and the contact is Cheri Stewart: Applications are due by September 1, 2005.

Meanwhile, CPRN, and its talented research leadership and support staff, carries on with a superb array of studies and presentations. All will be posted here as soon as they are ready to release. Thanks again, friends of CPRN, for your interest and support.


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III Colleen Logue Becomes New School Health Coordinator

In October 2004, the Provincial and Territorial ministers of Education and Health and the Public Health Agency of Canada, agreed to establish a Joint Consortium for School Health (JCSH) to facilitate a comprehensive and coordinated approach to health programs and services delivered in the school setting. The JCSH brings together provincial/territorial health, education and other ministries and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

The purpose of the JCSH is to provide leadership and facilitate a comprehensive and coordinated

approach to school health by building the capacity of the school and health systems to work together. The costs of the JCSH are shared between member provincial/territorial and federal jurisdictions. Member provinces and territories have agreed to assign school health coordinators to work jointly with the Ministries of Education and Health within their respective jurisdiction.

The JCSH is new. The "founding" teleconference for the JCSH was March 2, 2005, and the School Health Coordinators will have their first meeting June 8, 2005. We will keep you informed of the activities of the JCSH as it works to strengthen cooperation and capacity among consortium members to better accomplish mutual goals and support shared mandates pertaining to the promotion of the health of students.

We wish to inform you that Colleen Logue has accepted a one-year secondment with the Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Branch (CDPHPB), Public Health Division, as Ontario's School Health Coordinator. Colleen brings nine years of experience working at various levels of public health in Ontario. Her current position is Manager of the Nutrition Resource Centre, Ontario Public Health Association. In this position, Colleen has spent the last six months in the CDPHPB. With specific reference to school health, Colleen has had the opportunity to actively contribute to various school health initiatives over the past number of years such as curriculum resources and school nourishment guidelines. Although Colleen will be working in the CDPHPB, she will report jointly to the Ministries of Education and Health and Long-

Term Care.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Helen Brown at 416-327- 7380 (Health) or Chris Kotz at 416-325-71 51 (Education).

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IV OPHA Appoints Acting Manager

The OPHA is pleased to announce that Marie Traynor, MSc, PHEc, RD, will begin her post as Acting Manager, Nutrition Resource Centre (NRC) beginning on June 27, 2005. Marie comes to the position with over 12 years of experience in public and community health, most recently as a public health nutritionist at the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Health Unit in Kingston. Her educational preparation includes an Honours B. Sc. from Brescia College, University of Western Ontario, and a M.Sc. from the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, McGill University in Montreal. We look forward to Marie's leadership at the NRC.

Connie L. Uetrecht

Interim Executive Director

700 Lawrence Ave West, Suite 310

Toronto, ON M6A 3B4

(416) 367-3313 Ex 226

Fax: (416) 367-2844

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V People News from CCO

* Dr. Eric Schneider will join the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario in September.

* Donna Kline, vice president of Public Affairs, has decided to leave Cancer Care Ontario to spend more time with her family. She leaves in July.

For more details, visit

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VI People on the Move from CharityVillage

* Diane Robinson has been appointed Executive Director of the Parkinson Society British Columbia

* The Atkinson Charitable Foundation has appointed Peter Armstrong as their new president.

For the complete list of People on the Move from CharityVillage, visit

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VII John Garcia Returns to CCO

John Garcia, Director of Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion will be returning to Cancer Care Ontario, in the position of Senior Consultant, Knowledge Exchange, effective July 13, 2005, after a secondment to the Public Health Division since February 2004.

Starting June 23, 2005 Dr. Karim Kurji will assume the position of Acting Director, Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, in addition to his current responsibilities.