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Letter from the Editors: 6th Global Conference on Health Promotion Roundup

I Introduction

From the 7 to 11 of August, the 6th Global Conference on Health Promotion was held in Bangkok. Below is a round up of resources and discussions over the past few months, building on Alison Stirling's post to CLICK4HP (August 8, 2005).

We encourage our readers--particularly those who were involved in the conference--to let us know what they think, either by joining the listserv discussions already in process or by writing to us at

II 6th Global Conference on Health Promotion: Bangkok in 2005

Policy and Partnership for Action: Addressing the Determinants of Health," was held in Bangkok, Thailand, August 7-11, 2005.

"This conference is the latest in the series which began in Ottawa in 1986 and produced the Ottawa Charter on Health Promotion. This benchmark conference was followed by Adelaide (1988), Sundsvall (1991), Jakarta (1997) and Mexico-City (2000).

"Almost 20 years later, many things have changed in the world, including the impact of globalization, the Internet, greater moves towards private sector involvement in public health, emphasis on a sound evidence-based approach and cost-effectiveness. The 6th Global Conference has been convened to meet these challenges and to better exploit the opportunities presented for health promotion in the 21st Century." [from the website]

The WHO conference site at has a documentation centre for the event at, which includes updates from each day of the conference, a PDF file of the closing address by Dr. Suchai Charoenratanakul Minister of Public Health, pictures of delegates, and more to come.

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III RHPEO Discusses Ottawa and Bangkok Charters

Reviews of Health Promotion & Education Online (RHPEO) has a series of international dialogues from health promotion researchers and practitioners called "Ottawa 1986-Vancouver 2007: should the Ottawa Charter be revisited?" at Below, we list the English articles as of today, but there are many more in French and Spanish.

* Helena E. Restrepo--Comment about the Bangkok Charter

* Hans Saan--On image, ownership and open space

* Michel O'Neill--The Bangkok Charter: will it be as significant as the Ottawa one

* Maurice B. Mittelmark--Bangkok Charter: criticizing but backing WHO

* Don Nutbeam--What would the Ottawa Charter look like if it were written today?

* Lawrence W. Green--What would the Nutbeam Charter look like if it were written with my editing?

* Pierre Arwidson--A synthesis of the INPES forum on the preparation of the Bangkok Charter

* Kabwea Tiban et al.--Bangkok Charter: Reactions from Pacific Island Countries

* Maurice B. Mittelmark--Charters, Declarations, World Conferences: Practical Significance for Health Promotion Practitioners "on the ground"

* IIona Kickbusch--The dynamics of health promotion: from Ottawa to Bangkok

RHPEO offers readers the opportunity to respond to these articles are

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IV Bangkok Charter Discussions on CLICK4HP and SDOH

A. From the CLICK4HP Archives

"The much debated 'Bangkok Charter' for Health Promotion can be seen in its latest version, as of July 29th at the following page: The draft charter is in PDF [98kb]. If you are interested in reviewing the discussion on this document that occurred over the past few months, check out the following links [most recent first]:

* The People's Health Movement response to the Bangkok Charter, August 3, 2005

* Bangkok Charter Synthesis by G. Laverack, July 25, 2005

* Proposed Bangkok Charter for Health Promotion, Bernie Marshall, June 23, 2005

* Bangkok Charter +++ G. Laverack, R. Phipps, June 20, 2005

* RHPEO series on Ottawa & Bangkok Charter, by Michel O'Neill, June 13, 2005

If the links are too long and break, please check the archive (at by month and date or author to get these postings."

-- Alison Stirling, CLICK4HP, August 8, 2005

B. From the SDOH Archives

* Bangkok Charter Accepted, Dennis Raphael, August12, 2005

* Bangkok Charter: People's Health Movement Submission, Dennis Raphael, July 26, 2005

* Bangkok Charter Synthesis by Glenn Laverack, Chrystal Ocean , July 25, 2005

* Bangkok Charter - Action Needed!, Dennis Raphael, July 2, 2005

* Re: Background of Ottawa Charter, Dominic Nicholl, June 21, 2005

* Background of Ottawa Charter, Dennis Raphael, June 17, 2005

* Material on lead-up to WHO HP Conference, Dennis Raphael, June 16, 2005

* Re: More on HP Bagkok Charter, Ronnie Phipps, June 16, 2005

* More on HP Bagkok Charter, Dennis Raphael, Jun 16, 2005

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V Onsite Report

On August 10, Alison Blaiklock wrote to CLICK4HP,

"We thought that some of you may be interested in our experiences so far at the Sixth Global Conference on Health Promotion in Bangkok...We are deeply appreciative of the many powerful and exciting papers and presentations, the opportunities to meet with others, and the hospitality and thoughtfulness of the Thai Ministry of Public Health."

To read the full message, visit the CLICK4HP archives at


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VI Past Global Conference Pages at WHO

* 1st Global Conference on Health Promotion: Ottawa in 1986

The Ottawa Charter

* 2nd Global Conference on Health Promotion: Adelaide in 1988

Adelaide Recommendations on Healthy Public Policy

* 3rd Global Conference on Health Promotion: Sundsvall in 1991

Sundsvall Statement on Supportive Environments for Health

* 4th Global Conference on Health Promotion: Jakarta in 1997

Includes the Jakarta Declaration on Leading Health Promotion into the 21st Century (, conference reports, statements on various issues, and supporting documents

* 5th Global Conference on Health Promotion: Mexico in 2000

Includes the Mexico Ministerial Statement for the Promotion of Health ( ), Framework for Countrywide Plans of Action for Health Promotion, and a conference report (in English and Spanish).