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Halting the obesity epidemic: A public health policy approach

 Nestle, M. and Jacobson, M.F. (Jan/Feb 2000).Public Health Reports, Vol. 115, 12-25.

"The paper, "Halting the Obesity Epidemic: A Public Health Policy Approach," urges legislators, researchers, educators, businesses, urban planners, transportation experts, and nonprofit groups to approach obesity in a more creative way and to take immediate action. Specific recommendations include:
* Mounting large scale mass-media campaigns to promote healthier diets and physical activity;
* Requiring chain restaurants to provide information about calorie content on menus or menu boards;
* Designating more downtown areas as pedestrian malls and automobile-free zones; and
* Having health insurance companies pay for effective weight-loss programs." [from the press release,]

The paper can be downloaded as a PDF file (1,157kb).