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Some Resources for Creating E-Bulletins

A. Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox

Alertbox is a column on web usability and has featured the following useful articles for e-bulletins.


B. eNewsletters should go Blogging

This great article from August 2004 by Christopher Knight considers why an email list might turn itself into a weblog.

C. E-mail Newsletters by Mission-Based Organizations

This tip sheet by Coyote Communications covers such topics as

  • What can go in your organization's e-mail newsletter?
  • Designing your e-mail newsletter
  • How Often Should You Send Your E-mail Newsletter?

D. Best Practices for Ezine Newsletter Publishing and List Management

James S. Huggins summarizes the best tips he's found from a number of sources (listed and linked at the bottom of his article for further reference)

E. Discussion List Tips: Web Reading and Feeds

Amy Gahran describes how to speed up e-mail list reading by using web features or RSS feeds. Good tips for both list subscribers and list owners.