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Health and Income Equity

[with thanks to Dennis Raphael for posting to Click4HP December 24, 1998]

Health and Income Equity is a web site created at the University of Washington that has abstracts of the papers that deal with the health and income equity issues.



Posted by the International Health Program University of Washington & Health Alliance International

This web site is devoted to providing the background scientific evidence that demonstrates and seeks to explain the association between income inequality and health. The epidemiologic criteria for considering a relationship as causal are discussed. The scientific papers and books are presented under subject categories with brief summaries of their contents and some commentary.

Some papers and materials are presented in full-text form if there is permission to do so, while others are cited and may be reviewed in various libraries. The authors [Stephen Bezruchka et al ] notes that they hoped to have links to journals with the full text copies on the site, but the copyright fees were too high. The original selection of papers was by Richard Wilkinson.

Commonly asked questions are answered in another section. There is an opportunity for users of this site to post comments and questions. Links are provided to other web sites that deal with economic

inequality. Much of the material presented here is written for a scientific or public health audience, but is also understandable to non-specialists. A glossary is provided to assist in this process.

Dennis Raphael noted in a message to Click4HP listserv on 12/22/98 that: