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Self-Help On-Line Resources

With the advent of the Internet on-line support groups have broken open wide and there is an extensive number of groups growing everyday.

Excellent starting points for locating on-line self help groups include

- Delphi's Forums (

- Psychweb's listing of Psychology Self-Help Resources on the Internet


- Psych Central's Psychology & Support Groups Newsgroup Pointer


- Psych Central's Support Groups & Professional Mailing List Index

- Sympatico's HealthyWay (

This mega-site for health features links and resources for various health topics, including a wide range of web-based on-line discussions for self-helpers.

If you can not find what you are looking for from these above resources, there are several excellent resources on the internet for searching and locating interest-based discussion groups.

The sites for searching for e-mail based lists (A.K.A. listservs, listprocs, majordomos) include:

- Catalist (

- Lists of Lists (

- ListsNet (

- Liszt (

- New-List Archives (

- Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists (

- Tile.Net List of Interest Discussion Groups (

The site for searching for News Groups and their postings is:

- Deja News (