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What Every Woman Needs to Know

"What's the Big Deal About Y2K?" The Year 2000 Computer Problem: WHAT EVERY WOMEN NEEDS TO KNOW and How to Keep Herself and Her Family Safe

This is a very readable, basic, no-nonsense web-site that addresses the issue thoroughly and directly. Karen Anderson is not trying to be alarmist, but she is concerned that we should not ignore the issues, and, at the very least, be prepared for any potential disaster.

"Being prepared and having a prepared mind set applies to earthquakes, floods, snowstorms, power outages, any kind of disaster, natural or man-made, that could strike. By being prepared for the unlikely event of a disaster, you increase the chances of keeping yourself and your family safe."

Think of the ice-storms and the impacts they had on a relatively small area of Canada, over a period of 2 months, and then think whether the rest of the world could have handled the same thing happening...

She goes on to offer 18 frequently asked questions with short answers about being prepared, and a chat room, email discussion area and forum for posting more questions and answers. She also copies a very informative site on Individual Preparedness from The Cassandra Project, which is worth looking at.