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Global Y2K Action on-line conference

Five Hundred Days and Counting, by Spencer E. Ante

Wired magazine's Website has a newstory on a Global Y2K Action on-line conference that begins, 4:00am 19.Aug.98.PDT

"With 500 days to go before the dawn of the millennium, some of the world's leading technologists are gathering August 19, 1998 for an online-only conference designed to raise awareness about the Year

2000 problem."

Participants in the day-long conference, Global Y2K Action Day, say they will assess the likelihood of computer malfunctions, prepare contingency plans, and work toward speedy resolution of the world's

most vexing technological challenge.

"The world is only now starting to recognize Y2K," said Dr. Edward Yardeni, chief economist of Deutsche Bank Securities and organizer of the conference.

The conference's wide-ranging schedule reflects the all-encompassing nature of Y2K, namely, the way in which computer technology has infiltrated many, if not most, aspects of everyday life. More than a dozen panels are scheduled, including discussions on banking and finance; energy, health care, and transportation systems; government and community action; and legal and insurance issues.

While critics admit that some progress on Y2K has been made recently, virtually all of them agree that much more needs to be done -- and quickly -- especially in the public sector and among small to

medium-sized businesses.

Subsequent conferences are scheduled on solutions, testing and contingency plans, community action, state and local governments, assessment of business and government action, and recovery planning.