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Models That Work [in Primary Health]

From the School_Health [list] Digest for 12 Mar 1998 []

US Health & Human Services database on Models That Work

The US Dept of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Primary Health Care (PHC) maintains a database of programs that work. The following list of 10 programs is an example of a query for Community Health Education programs (came up with 227). The website address is

101 Arkansas Delta Community Integrated Service System

102 Anti-Violence Day Project

103 Perinatal Substance Abuse Services Initiative

104 Campaign to Improve Influenza Vaccinations in African-American Seniors

105 The Michele Project

106 Pro Salud Program

107 Community Healthcare Network School-Based Health Services

108 Injury Prevention/Safety Project

109 Wellness Express

110 Illinois Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening Project

Although I [Alison Stirling] tried a few different keywords and the search choices - I still came up with 227 programs in the same order - so I assume that there are only 227 currently (which is more than

we have in Canada) and that they expect to have the search engines working more effectively in the near future. Nonetheless, these are very interesting programs, well worth looking at their descriptions,

and considering if something similar can be done in Canada. Perhaps these "Models That Work" could be examples for "Best Practices" initiatives currently underway at the Centre for Health Promotion, and

the topic for this years Canadian Public Health Association Conference in Montreal in early June.