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Peer Resources -- What's New

Space is available in the Toronto (May 27-29) Learn to Be a Coach Workshops [].

What Coaching Services Are Provided by Peer Resources

Peer Resources Network provides four types of services associated with coaching:

- coach training workshops (to assist in preparing coaches);

- coach support consultation (to assist coaches in the delivery of coaching services);

- coaching resources (to locate an appropriate coach, relevant research, and other training resources); and

- personal coaching services (to provide direct coaching services to clients on a contract basis).

A new train-the-peer trainer workshop has been scheduled for April 22-24 in Ottawa in French. Call Peer Resources c/o Dr. Renee Piche at (613) 733-0001.

Peer Resources announces two new train-the-trainer workshops, one to take place in Winnipeg in May, 1998 and the other to take place in Toronto in April, 1998. Both workshops are for adults who work with at-risk youth and who want to initiate or stengthen peer-based programs for youth at-risk. These workshops are free to qualified applicants.

Call Peer Resources 1.800.567.3700 for more details.

* The Ontario Peer Helpers' Association

A network for peer helping programs associated with schools in Ontario. Each year in May, OPHA hosts a three-day provincial peer helpers' conference for about two hundred students and advisors. Schools can pay an annual minimal fee to R.R.1, Picton, Ontario, K0K 2T0. Services include five newsletters, curriculum suggestions for a Peer Helping Credit Course, a Speakers and Resources Directory, and notification regarding three provincial conferences and various regional conferences. For further information regarding OPHA, contact:

Cheryl Brackenbury, Cobourg District Collegiate Institute East, 335 King Street E., Cobourg, Ontario, K9A 1M2, (905) 372-2271.