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The WHO [World Health Organization]'s Health Promotion Glossary

Recently there has been an announcement from the World Health Organization about the publication of their Health Promotion Glossary and their new page/site on Health Promotion projects and activities


From the Foreward:

The first edition of this health promotion glossary of terms was published by WHO in 1986 as a guide to readers of WHO documents and publications. It met a useful purpose in clarifying the meaning and

relationship between the many terms which were not in common usage at that time.

Much has happened since the publication of the glossary a decade ago. Most notably, in October 1986 the First International Conference on Health Promotion was held in Ottawa, Canada, producing what is now widely known as the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion. These conferences have added greatly to our understanding of health promotion strategies and their practical application, as well as more fully accounting for issues of relevance to developing countries. This was taken a step further at the Fourth International Conference on Health Promotion, New Players for a New Era: Leading Health Promotion into the 21st Century, which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, in July 1997. This conference adopted the Jakarta Declaration on Leading Health Promotion into the 21st Century. A number of terms that are central to the Jakarta Declaration have therefore been included in this new version of the health promotion glossary.

Ilona Kickbusch, Director

Division of Health Promotion, Education and Communication

World Health Organization, Geneva

January 1998


Getting Your Own Copy

Dennis Raphael noted that if you go to the WHO HPR web site at:

Once you get there you can download Adobe Reader if you don't already have it and if you have a printer with enough memory you can download a "perfect book version" of the document.

Please, if at all possible, access the Adobe Acrobat version of the HP Glossary through the WHO Internet site, as noted in the following message from Angela at WHO:


>It seems that the "HEP Health Promotion glossary" is going to be The bestseller of the week and hit all the records!!! In the last two days we have received hundreds of requests for this valuable document. The strength of Internet!!!

As you know, in order to allow for a wider dissemination of this document, the HP Glossary is available on our website, Therefore, I would appreciate if in email health promotion lists you could add a note saying that

"HP Glossary can be freely downloaded from HEP website at



For people in Ontario who are unable to access the Internet or to download the Adobe Acrobat reader - please contact me directly at Ontario Prevention Clearinghouse, and I will try to arrange to have copies made available in other formats

Alison Stirling at:

Perhaps the Canadian Consortium for Health Promotion Research could take on the important task of distributing copies of the Health Promotion Glossary.