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World Food Day - October 16, 1998

World Food Day, started in 1981, is recognized annually on October 16 in about 140 countries as a time to raise public awareness about hunger, its causes and solutions. The day also marks the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Quebec City in 1945, and its continuing commitment to global food security. Every year activities are organized by the FAO headquarters in Rome and by its Regional offices, and in countries around the world by national committees and non-governmental organizations like Oxfam.

The World Food Day Association Of Canada includes these principles:

- the ways and means by which food is produced and distributed do not harm the environment;

- both the production and consumption of food are based on social values that are just; that the ability to acquire food is ensured and that the food itself is nutritionally adequate, personally and culturally acceptable; and

- the food is obtained in a manner that upholds basic human dignity.

OXFAM has prepared an online World Food Day Kit, which is available online in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) in English and in French for free downloading, or viewable on the web-site or ordered in paper format. -

see for details.

Oxfam Canada

1011 Bloor St. West, Toronto ON M6H 1M1

Fax: 416-537-6435

Another useful resource for World Food Day and for discussions of Food Security issues is from Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition:

Healthy Food, Healthy Communities: How to initiate grassroots food projects using the Healthy Communities Process. It is a manual for those interested in starting food action projects such as food

co-operatives, community gardens, collective kitchens and other similar projects. Its objective is to raise awareness of basic food issues, to build connections, to encourage action and to promote existing resources within a Healthy Communities framework.

Available in English online at

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