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Parenting-related Resources from HRDC

* Human Resources Development Canada. (1999). Understanding the early years: Community impacts on child development.

From the website: "This paper provides the background for the NLSCY and the Community Mapping Study, based on an annotated bibliography, issues for studying community impacts, and the framework for guiding the research and policy strategy for the Applied Research Branch."

* Human Resources Development Canada and Statistics Canada. (1996). Growing up in Canada: A detailed portrait of children and young people.

From the website: "This paper examines data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth, focusing on familial factors that mediate the effect of poverty on children's mental health outcomes (conduct disorder, hyperactivity, emotional disorder)."

* Landy, S., & Tam, K. K. (1998). Understanding the contribution of multiple risk factors on child development at various ages.

From the website: "This study examines the variables that place children's development at risk and considers the contribution of various parenting practices and social support to resiliency or positive developmental outcomes. Results indicate that as the number of risk factors increases, the likelihood of having one more problem outcomes (hyperactivity, conduct disorder, emotional disorder, relationship problems, or repeating a grade) also increases."