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Other OHPEs of interest

This series of articles written by Peter O'Donnell appeared in the OHPE Bulletin over two years and introduces and elaborates on a five-level developmental model of organizational health. Don't forget to check out their accompanying resource messages.

* OHPE 51.1: The Implementation Challenge: 5 Stages of Growing Our Way Past the Barriers to Change (4/24/98)

* OHPE 73.1: Riding the Current: Assessing the Learning Potential of your Organization (9/25/98)

* OHPE 84.2: A Supportive Workplace: The Foundation of a Healthy Organization(which can be found in the OHPE database as 104.1) (12/11/98)

* OHPE 92.1: Creating A Climate For Change (02/12/99)

* OHPE 99.1: Creating a Culture of Shared Accountability (04/01/99)

* OHPE 107.1: Enhancing Capacity for Learning (5/28/99)

* OHPE 182.1: Learning Communities: Expanding the Boundaries of Learning (11/10/00).

* OHPE 191.1: Taking the Pulse of Your Organization: Maybe It's Time for an Organizational Health Check-up(01/18/01)

More information on these articles can be obtained from

Peter O'Donnell

President, Healthy Futures Group

2650 Lindholm Crescent

Mississauga, ON L5M 4P4

Tel: (905) 569.8474

Fax: (416) 946.1348