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The Consumer/Survivor Information Resource Centre Bulletin

The Consumer/ Survivor Information Resource Centre of Toronto has been established to meet the information needs of consumer/ survivors in the Toronto area. The Centre will meet these needs by establishing an information resource centre, an active information outreach program, and any other techniques for removing the information barriers which prevent consumer/ survivors from achieving optimal quality of life and health.

The C/S Info Centre Bulletin is a biweekly comprehensive bulletin full of news, information, resources, tips and more produced by the Consumers/ Survivors Information Resource Centre. It is produced in

print (mailed out), fax and e-mail formats. To receive it over the Internet by e-mail, just send an e-mail message to the address:

leaving the subject line blank and including the single line

subscribe cs-news in the message body.

There is no charge to receive the Bulletin by e-mail.

Recently the Bulletin subscribing organizations were asked to contribute $40 per year to cover the costs of providing 260 pages of timely, relevant information in a year.

For more information contact:

C/S Info Centre - 1499A Queen St. West, Toronto M6R 1A3

Tel: (416) 538-0203 InfoShare 24 hr touch-tone info - 538-7678

Fax (416) 538-8382 Web-site

"Consumer/Survivor Initiatives: Contemporary Visions of Mental Health Self-Help" is a new paper (January 1997) about a study investigating the effects of provincial government funding and organizational structures and processes on the self-help activities of consumer/survivor directed initiatives. This 47-page paper (including bibliography) was written by Jason Newberry of the University of Guelph's Psychology Department. It may be obtained by contacting

Marnie Shepherd, Consumer/Survivor Development Initiative (CSDI),

2160 Yonge St. 3rd floor, Toronto, ON M4S 2Z3

Tel. (416) 484-8785, fax (416) 484-4617 e-mail:

The Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office (PPAO) has recently been holding consultations around the province about "A Proposed Model for the Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office in a Restructured Mental Health Delivery System".

Copies of the 19 page consultation paper, dated July 1997, may be obtained by calling the PPAOs head office in Toronto at (416) 327-7000.