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Canadian Institute of Child Health CICH Newsletter

An excellent national newsletter. Child Health is published quarterly and deals with current issues of health and well-being for children in Canada. Child Health also features information about conferences,

publications and advocacy.

The Winter 1998 Vol. 20 #1 issue has more in its 8 pages than most journals. A lengthy and fascinating article "Are we keeping our promise to children?" by Cathy Campbell looks at Dr. Clyde Hertzman's (epidemiology & health care professor at UBC) research work on the impact of early childhood programs on long term well-being; and on a new Canadian book "Our Promise to Children".

Other articles of interest include: "Giving Canadian Children a SAFE Start"; "Children particularly vulnerable to dog-bite injuries"; "New leadership at the Institute [Dawn Walker new ED]; The First Years Last Forever [booklet for parents & caregivers]; and a calendar and resources listing.

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