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The First Duty: Newsletter of The Children's Action Committee

Issue 1 March 11, 1998 Toronto, Ontario (Community Services)

This new weekly fax letter is intended to give information to encourage readers to act. With 35% of the children under 10 in Toronto living in poverty; 16,833 children on the waiting list for childcare subsidies and 53,000 children depending on food banks - the number have galvanized a group to take action.

The Children's Action Committee is made up of city councillors, school trustees, representatives from a wide range of community, educational and children's services groups and staff from many city departments. The new Children's Advocate Olivia Chow is heading the group and encouraging widespread community debate and activity.

In the first issue of The First Duty, the focus is on Public Health. Information is provided on the budget process and the impact of a possible 8% cut would have on children's programs. The Board of

Health says 2% of the city's budget, up from 1.4% should be spent on Public Health to close service gaps. Board of Health schedules are included in the 2 page fax-letter to encourage deputations.

It is not clear how to get copies of this newsletter - possibly through Olivia Chow's office.