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"Road Map for Child & Youth Health into the 21st Century - Report on the 1997 Ross Conference"

The Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) hosted Child & Youth Health in the 21st Century Conference from April 10-13 1997. The aim of the conference was to develop a viable model for child and adolescent health care within evolving Canadian political, economic and social context. In preparation for the conference, 6 discussion papers were commissioned, and they plus the conference proceedings and the full set of recommendations were published in November 1997. A summary of

important issues and opportunities identified by the Conference is included in this article.

It was felt that several areas urgently needed action:

- the development of strategies to maintain the level of care for children & youth in all provinces;

- the provision of high quality acute care to children at risk

- the setting of goals and elaboration of strategies to deal with issues including child and youth poverty, aboriginal and immigrant health, psychosocial health, chronic disease, rural discrepancies and quality of life issues;

- the strengthening of partnerships among all health care providers;

- the strengthening of provincial child health advocacy processes; and

- the development of strategies to encourage federal, provincial and territorial governments to move on developing and establishing a process for measuring health goals and objectives for children and youth.

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