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Using Online Lists For Health Promotion

By Alison Taub & Mark Tomita in Promotion & Education, the journal of the International Union of Health Promotion & Education (IUHPE) v.V(1) 1998 pp23-27

In this article by Taub and Tomita of New York University, there is basic and detailed information about online lists, listservs and electronic discussions, how to use them and a discussion of some current and future uses of online lists for health promotion. This article is a good introduction - it describes what is an Online List, how they work, Subscribing to a List, where to find health-related lists, List Netiquette (a loose compilation of social norms, unspoken rules and acceptable ways of interacting with others on the Internet) and current and future uses of Lists.

"To effectively use a list, you should have a basic

understanding of the Internet mail system (including how to

read Internet addresses) and how to use a mail programme,

such as Eudora or Pine... This technology enhances our

ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues


***Alison Stirling comments: I recommend this article as a basic reference for using electronic lists effectively, and understanding why they might be helpful. However the article ignores much of the work

that has been done in Canada on health promotion, and in particular in the effective use of e-lists for exchange of information and collaboration (like the OHPE Bulletin, Health Promotion Online, Click4HP and others). It is a very European focused article, and responds to the particular needs of the IUHPE members. Hopefully it will inspire people to explore the uses of the email system for working together.