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EMPOWER: Enabling Methods of Planning and Organizing Within Everyone s Reach

ISBN: 0763704105, Price: $39.95 (U.S. LIST), Cover: CD-ROM, Publication Date: 12/04/97. Jones and Bartlett Publishers. 1998.

The Precede-Proceed Model is the framework around which EMPOWER was built (CD-ROM software and manual) to provide technical guidance and assistance to those involved in the complex process of planning and implementing community-level cancer prevention and control interventions. This system, EMPOWER (Enabling Methods of Planning

and Organizing Within Everyone's Reach), begins with the recognition that program planning encompasses many complex skills, techniques, and

data from a variety of fields.

An educational version of EMPOWER, designed to teach the components of Precede-Proceed, is now available for sale from Jones and Bartlett Publishing Company.