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"Health promotion practices of emergency physicians"

Abstract: "In this article we describe health promotion practices of emergency physicians (EPs). A survey was mailed to members of the West Virginia American College of Emergency Physicians. Main outcomes included the EP's beliefs regarding health promotion, perceived roles in health promotion, and perceived effectiveness in modifying the behavior of patients. Over 90% of respondents routinely asked about cigarette smoking and half about alcohol use. A minority routinely asked about illicit drug use, diet, exercise, domestic violence, or stress. The majority stated they were the main person responsible for patient health education in their emergency department (ED). Most felt prepared to counsel patients about smoking (68%) and alcohol (59%), although very few described themselves as successful in helping patients change their behavior. Although EPs feel responsible for promoting the health of their patients, only a minority reported routinely screening and counseling patients about prevention and most were not confident in their ability to help patients change their health-related behaviors."